CB 250z: Long Term Plan

It all started in 1999 Sept, when my Amma got me my first bike i.e. Hero Honda CBZ and life have never been the same 🙂

Pretty soon i was convinced i wanted more, and my bro a.k.a. Cbz had already discussed his limitations with me. Since i would never dump my bro for anything else no matter what. so i started looking out for options to make it faster and faster.

Since 90+ on Indian roads was pretty fast for everyday commute, hence i never got frustrated enough to implement any mods and i have been pretty happy with my bro 😀

Well then i decided to pursue my M.S. and ended up in Virginia, USA. The first thing i did was buy a Ninja 650R specially for its touring abilities while justifying the sports bike tag on it. And once the feeling had sinked it and i became pretty confident with the bike, i started thinking about bringing it back to India with me. Started googling around only to get stumped with the amount which i might end up paying for bringing it back.

Well times were changing back home, and advent of better bikes was a welcome change but then again the price tag was a bit of a concern and moreover i dint want to have two bikes, and i dint want to sell my bro. So i started looking just a motor using which i could give my bro a muscle transplant. My first choice was a Honda CRF250 engine which churns out 34 bhp but it is factory tuned to a top end of just 80 M/Hr.

My decision to look for a 250 motor was because of the following considerations:
1. It would be small enough to fit my bro (hopefully).
2. I will have a decent average as i dint want a petrol guzzler.
3. A 250 will be good enough for a top end in the region of 170+ Kmph.

So i started looking for the fastest 250 and realized there was no competition in this region and the clear winner was Ninja 250R. And the best part was that there were good deals for ninja motor on ebay.

And guess what there was one available:
1. It was a 2009 Motor.
2. Only 450 miles on it.
3. It came with the CDI, rectifier and almost all the tubes & cables.
4. Was available for $650 inclucding shipping.

I offered the guy $500, as right now i couldn’t manage more than that but he declined. So with a heavy heart i started looking for something else but none was within the budget. Luckily for me since that guy had posted the advertisement in a wrong category, no one bought the motor and that fellow had to set it up for bidding.

I went ahead and offered him $500 again, to which he responded that i should bid and see what happenes. So i kept an eye on it and finally bought it for $400 including shipping. Now what would you call that .. It was a steal guys 😀

Here are some Pics:

So the motor came and it is as good as new. I started dismentling. Started with packing the electricals and tubes. I still have to dismantle the engine core.

The things i still need to gather are:

1. Radiator and Radiator Fan.
2. Instrumentation Panel (Want a digital console but couldn’t find any good replacement).
3. Coolent Tank.
4. Swingarm.
5. Rear Disc Brake and related components.
6. LED Tail Light with integrated turn signals.
7. Handle bar switches.
8. Engine Gaskets.
9. Front Triple Tee (wondering if it will fit the CBZ).
10. Muffler.

Plan is to dismantle it all and carry them in 2-3 trips to India 😀

Have already printed out the 424 page service manual, which has everything to build the bike from scratch.

This is going to be a pretty long process, maybe it is too early to start the thread but what the heck i guess i should share what i am upto 😀

[b]Engine Dismantling[/b]

Removing the top cover exposes the valves & timing chain compartment:

Removing the covers:

For removing the timing chain, we need to remove the cam-chain tensionizer:

Removing the clutch plate side of the engine:

Clutch Plates:

A/C side of the engine, notice the water pump (down middle):

Oil Filter goes here:

Oil Filter:


Dirty Valves:

Dirty Piston:


Bought a Yamaha YZ250F Swingarm, in real this thing is pretty meaty and heavy 😀

And a pair of hand guards 🙂

Have a 650R’s Two Brother Exhaust which i dont use with my 650R 🙂

Am checking on the possibility of using it on 250R motor, seems possible thou, what you guys have to say about this?

Bought a rear brake caliper.

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