Aquis Mare Nostrum Hotel Thalasso

Aquis Mare Nostrum Hotel, Thalasso, Greece


Property Type – 4 Star

Property Category – Resort/Modern

Address –Vravronos Avenue, 19003, Vravronos, Greece

Room Type We Stayed In – Bungalow Sea view, £70.00 per room per night

Experience –We booked this hotel from 26 Sep 2014 – 28 Sep 2014. We landed at Athens Airport around midnight. Cab ride was more than EUR50.00 (Lucky, if you find someone who is willing to take you this far). I blame myself for booking this Hotel so far but we got shocked when we reached Hotel. Since we were so tired, all we wanted was neat and clean place to sleep but Hotel was filthy. Our Bungalow had broken latches, very strange smell in the rooms and we felt as we were staying in some old age home which can fall down any time. We asked them to change our room which they did but alternate option was equally horrible. Rooms do have gorgeous views though. We got the local bus next day outside hotel to Athens centre which takes nearly 50mins to get to Athens downtown (another bummer if you want to enjoy Athens downtown more).

On one of the evening we went to enjoy their club but 95% of the crowd was all retirees and club played French music till late night so we got back after 10 mins.

The hotel is quiet large itself and would suit for families who are looking for cost effective holiday around country side of the Eastern coast and not going to visit Athens or downtown.

This Resort has all additional facilities like full service spa, outdoor tennis, pool, sauna, poolside bar, children’s pool, seasonal outdoor pool, fitness centre and complimentary breakfast. Parking is complimentary. We dint enjoy any of their water facilities or tennis court etc. I think you get what you pay.

This hotel is 4 Star but I would not rank higher than 3 Star Resort.

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