Chromata Up Style, Santorini


Hotel – Chromata Up Style, Santorini

Property Category – Luxury & Glamorous

Address –Imerovigli 84700, Greece

Room Type we stayed in – Honeymoon Suite

Experience – Soooo much in love with this gorgeous island and Chromata is just like a gemstone which is set in the huge crown called Santorini. A small luxury Hotel in Imerovigli and  an absolute example of luxury and perfection. On arrival, chances are you will miss the Reception like we did but don’t let this impression upset you. The structure of Hotel is formed from the caves which were created after a volcano destroyed it, hence giving this island such a shape and the reason why you won’t find usual big reception Hall in Santorini Hotels.

We booked senior suite and were upgraded to Honeymoon suite which is quiet large, spacious and had private terrace. Bathroom was enormous with massive Dressing area. In addition to the luxurious bathroom, we also had our own private Jacuzzi with best Caldera view.

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Every morning was memorable when champagne breakfast was served at our private terrace with amazing view.


Staff was extremely helpful and I managed to catch up with Michael on his night shift who shared few interesting things i.e.
1. Chromata gets white washed every 15 days.
2. It takes 2 days and 4 men to whitewash the complete property
3. Every food grown here is organic due to the type of soil. Volcanic soil is so strong that it kills all insects and pests and makes every crop extremely healthy and disease free.

Not to forget, three cheers to all the Hotel porters who does a great job by going up and down all day and bringing your stuff from the nearest parking point to your rooms.

History behind the architecture of Santorini: – If you love History or architecture then let me share with you the origin of Santorini. I was always curious how these glamorous white houses are made on a cliff? Who thought about this design and who gave them this shape? It was quiet interesting to know from Hotel staff Michael who was very friendly and knowledgeable. So I enjoyed listening him while resting on one of those white cliff houses.

Originally there were 2 giant volcanoes in the shape of mountains (some 500,000 years ago), with time they united to make one big island. These mountains were in a shape of flat cone. About 200,000 years ago, things started heating up which started to produce lot of magma and ash and started emptying the magma chamber under the mountain. Now mountain itself was unable to support and it went crashing downwards towards the empty chamber and made it caldera – the wide empty big hole. Same process was repeated in a series of eruptions 200,000 years ago and continuously produced magma, collapsed, regrew and collapsed again. This was deepening the caldera more and more and eventually left the island in a shape as it is today. So this is how Caldera was formed. Basically a Caldera means a giant lagoon surrounded by high steep cliffs from three sides. This is the reason you see those Cliff shape white houses which is a creation of thousands years of suffering from volcanic eruptions which destroyed the earlier settlement hence creating the current caldera. Now these white house’s aka Hotels are beautifully developed by Greece tourism making it unique holiday destination for all the tourists across worldwide. . I am sure there is much more history in depth but jotting down simpler version for my records.

Near By Attractions – My most favourite moments on the island are walking along the unique white washed caves/hotels and of course enjoying the beautiful sunset Santorini offers. I personally suggest to stay in Imerovigli as this has got the best views overall in the Santorini island. You can enjoy the sunset from “Skaros” in Imerovigli or even from your Hotel Terrace (Chromata has fabulous views). Alternatively you can visit Museums in Santorini. You have plenty of choice for diving in Santorini and it is quiet reasonably priced as well. You MUST add Akrotiri in your list. Akrotiri is a Minoan Bronze Age settlement located on the island of Santorini. Last but not least, end your holiday with a romantic dinner on the rim of caldera which you will never forget 🙂

Applaud Moment – Plenty of Applaud moments 🙂 their Infinity Pool is just WOW!! One of my favourite part was to enjoy breakfast served at our private terrace while we soak in the unbelievable Caldera view. For us, this definitely has been the most beautiful breakfast we ever had.


Over all I strongly recommend this Hotel and would definitely go back.

Some love from Santorini 🙂


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