Configuring Hybris e-Commerce Platform with MySql Server 5.6

By default Hybris comes packaged with HSQLDB, follow the below steps to replace that with MySql:

  1. Install MySql Server 5.6 (or any other version) from here.
  2. Create db for use with Hybris i.e. hybris56.
  3. Create a non-root user i.e. dbadmin.
  4. Stop Tomcat Server.
  5. Open C:\work\hybris\bin\platform (your folder path might be different) using a text editor and disable HSQLDB settings, as can be seen in the image below:h2  h3
  6. Enable MySql settings and replace the highlighted fields with your values:h4
  7. Download the connector .jar file from here, unzip it and put it in folder C:\work\hybris\bin\platform\lib\dbdriver (your folder path might be different):h1
  8. Start Tomcat.
  9. If all goes well then go to hMC and initialize the database.
  10. Once the initialization is complete, you are a good to go.

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  1. Vishnu Reddy

    I do not think you should change anything in the project.properties file in platorm. You should do that in config/local.properties file.

      • Jagadeesh

        Thank you Akhil for sharing this info. There should not folder hsqldb inside the data folder to allow the database configuration in the local properties file to be used over the properties in project properties file.

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